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About the First Lady

Dr. Doreatha J. Fields

First Lady Fields provides support to the vision of Christian Fellowship as revealed by God through her husband, Reverend Dr. Ronnie Fields. She has a zeal for excellence in ministry and is a lover of God and His People.

Dr. Doreatha J. Fields is an author, clergy, internationally-recognized and committed servant in ministry and community service. 

Her gifts, talents and leadership skills have enabled her to serve in a variety of offices within the Church of God in Christ  at local, district, jurisdictional and international levels.  

Her passion and love for the church is her signature as she works to encourage others and embrace the ministry of Christian Fellowship and its God-directed mission. 


First Lady Fields believes in the power of prayer and shares her faith through her testimonies and Spiritual gifts of Teaching, Exaltation, Administration and Intercessory Prayer.